Bites of Foie Gras with caramelised MANGO [Qualité Landes cooking recipe]

Crédit photo : PL VIEL et V. DROUET pour Qualité Landes

For: 4 people

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking: 3mins



- 160 / 180 gr of whole foie gras free range duck from the landes in a jar

- 1 small not overripe mango

- 6 slices of gingerbread

- 20 gr of butter

- 1 teaspoon of liquid honey

- 3 pinches of brown sugar


Remove the crust of the gingerbread slices, cut the slices into small squares. Peel the mango, cut it into pieces slightly smaller than pieces of gingerbread. Brown mango pieces in butter in a frying pan. Once browned, add the honey and sugar, let caramelise 2mn. Drop a piece of mango on each square of gingerbread, let cool. Cut the whole foie gras free range duck from the Landes into small cubes, place them on mangoes. Serve not too cold (you can lightly powder curry onto bites at serving time).

Tip: to remove the whole foie gras of its jar without cutting it, dip 1 min the bottom of the jar in warm water- caution do not immerse!

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