Duck magret from the Landes in sushi way [Qualité Landes cooking recipe]

Crédit photo : C. IWANON / C. FOURCADE pour Qualité Landes

For: 4 people

Preparation: 10 mn

Cooking: 20 minutes



- 1 beautiful free range duck magret from the Landes

- 1/2 bag of precooked polenta

- 60 cl of water or broth

- salt, ground pepper

- 1 pinch of nutmeg

- 1 small prune chutney jar (100 g)


Prepare the polenta according to package directions and pour into a rectangular dish  ; Let cool and cut into rectangles.

Cook the magret skin side 10min. in a fry over medium heat emptying fat 1 or 2 times (keep it).
Then cook 5 min. flesh side. Wrap it in aluminium foil 10 minutes.

Meanwhile brown in the same pan the polenta rectangles from all sides.

Cut the magret in slices.

On the plate, place the polenta pieces and cover with a slice of magret, salt and pepper.
Serve with a chutney prune.


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