Duck of Landes duck stuffed with mushrooms and Bayonne ham [Qualité Landes cooking recipe]

Crédit photo : PL VIEL et V. DROUET pour Qualité Landes

For: 4 people

Preparation: 30mn

Cooking: 15 mn



- 2 magrets of free range duck from the Landes

- 200 g of button mushrooms

- 2 slices of bayonne ham (3 mm thick)

- 30 g of butter

- 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

- 15 cl of poultry stock


Stuffing preparation:

Clean, cut the mushrooms into small pieces, cut the slices of ham into small dices. Fry in pan the mushrooms in butter. Mid-way through cooking, add the dices of ham, fry all few minutes, season and add the chopped parsley.


Preparation of meat:

Open delicately the duck magret in the Center side to the fat . Fill the interior with mushrooms and ham . Close by pressing lightly, tie the 2 magrets to form two small roasts. Fry them in a frying pan without fat and then put them to cook in a dish for 15 min in preheated oven thermostat 6/7. Reduce poultry stock in a saucepan with a knob of butter.



Remove the magrets from the oven, remove the string, slice them, serve with the rest of the mushrooms and sauce.


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