Free range duck from the Landes foie Gras in fine pie [Qualité Landes cooking recipe ]

Crédit photo : C. IWANON / C. FOURCADE pour Qualité Landes

For: 4 people

Preparation: 15 mn

Cooking: 10 mn



- 1 jar of whole foie gras free range duck from the Landes

- 1 pack of FiLo dough

- 50 g semi-salted butter

- 100 g of dried pear

- some unsalted crushed pistachios

- some beet and spinach shoots

- "fleur de sel" and ground pepper


Cut out with cookie-cutter or a saucer 12 circles in the sheets of filo dough
Brush them with melted semi-salted butter.
Place them into hot oven about ten minutes until crisp.

In each plate place 3 circles of dough by layering, then dried pear slices arranged in a rosette.
Add onto free range duck foie gras from the Landes in thin slices or large chips, salt, pepper, and crushed pistachios.

Decorate with beets or spinach shoots.

Salad served beside.

The filo dough may be replaced by brick sheets or why not the flaky pastry.


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