Whole free range duck foie gras RED LABEL

  • Price/kg :
  • Storage time : 4 year(s) in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • Number of parts :
  • Ingredients : Duck foie gras, salt, pepper

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Description :

The whole foie gras Red Label is both the simplest and the most noble of foie gras: authentic, unadorned, just a little salt and pepper to highlight its rarity...

It ages wonderfully, it refines and improves with time, and as the best wine's vintage, it operates every day a real transformation, gaining in smoothness and character.

To enjoy in a "Tête à Tête", with a simple bread slightly toasted.


(Available in small rectangular boxes up to 200 g, in a familia Wiss jar up to 530 g)



Designations foie gras...How getting through, some landmarks:
  • whole foie gras

    only composed of one or more lobes of whole foie gras and seasoning.


  • foie gras (unqualified)

    Assembly of pieces of several lobes of foie gras and seasoning.


  • block of foie gras

    composed of foie gras finely cut, then seasoned and emulsified. It may contain pieces of whole foie gras.


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