The Landes, land of tradition.

Former swamp and extensive rest zone for migratory birds, the Landes area has succeeded in preserving exceptional stretches for free range ducks production in the shade of the largest forest in Europe.
Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, The Landes are a real well-being source all around the first spa town of France : Dax (about 18 km from Montfort en Chalosse, seat of the cooperative FOIE GRAS DE CHALOSSE)

Original and quality products have found there a land of predilection: Asparagus sands of the Landes, free range chicken of the Landes, Beef from Chalosse, Kiwi of Adour, Floc of Gascogne, Armagnac and wines of The Landes, as many products involved in the gastronomic tradition of our department.

Foie gras, Magrets, Red Label confit directly fit in with the lineage of these high quality products… They are the fruit of centuries of heritage! Today we provide them to you through the cooperative and our website.


A bit of history...

Like any cooperative, the Coopérative FOIE GRAS DE CHALOSSE was born on the initiative of producers eager to gather around common interests… Preserving our know-how and local traditions, enhancing the quality of our products are as many missions that have led us to create the cooperative in 1982.
A little bit later, awake to hold a unique richness, we made the choice to demonstrate the superior quality of our products, committing ourselves in the Red Label approach as early as 1999.
Over the years, the cooperative has grown to now consolidate about 80 farmers and ducks force feeders that provide a direct supplying to the cooperative every week.

An eco-friendly company.

Grouped within the cooperative, farms are family-run enterprises with a 40 ha of land average.

They are all located in The Landes, in a perimeter of 45 kilometres around the cooperative.

Without actually speaking of subsistence agriculture, our farms and the system on which they rely remain simple and effective: a surface of maize, big enough to feed the ducks during breeding and force feeding, a human sized workshop, enabling a couple of farmers to live from his activity, animals carved and processed locally by our cooperative (nearly 100 permanent jobs), a return to the ground of the manure produced by animals to fertilise the maize... We have come full circle!

Our PRODUCTS, tradition and quality


Tradition is reproducing our ancestors’ know-how. There’s no need to re-invent what they have shaped over the centuries to get this beautiful product: free range RED LABEL Landes duck!
That means: Mulard ducks free range breeding, through the seasons, force feeding them with the maize we produce in our farms since ever, putting them in salt and candying them for preservation, and at least savouring them all along the year.



Quality is compliance with the RED LABEL specifications which certifies compliance with strict and high production criteria, but also the superior quality of the product resulting therefrom.
Free range bred animals, fattened with maize grains, in collective areas where they move about quietly and freely, all in accordance with passing time... The production of a quality duck, as for all farmed animals, requires time and patience… Ours ducks are aged at least 104 days when they enter the cooperative.



You will find in presentation pages some products :nothing complicated, few ingredients being implemented, simple recipes…That’s the way free range ducks we product are prepared and that you can enjoy them : without ARTIFICE.


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